MHH - A good employer!?

The MHH employees‘ council is starting a year-long campaign under this title with the aim to make
MHH a better employer. There are many aspects that can make an employer good:  next to fair
salaries a perspective is important for most employees including job safety as well as profes-
sional and personal advancement. 

A good employer offers safe and healthy working conditions and adjusts the work load according to
the time allotted.  Employees should be offered possibilities to participate in important decisions
regarding their working  conditions.  The  employer has to encourage an organization in which 
employees  are  valued  and given equal opportunities irregardless of gender, handicaps or ethnic
background.  Employees need to be given the opportunity to respond to the necessities  of  their 
professional  as well as their private lives.

Recently the employer’s decision to end the Interner Arbeitsmarkt (internal employees’ transfer
market) and the employer’s announcement to end the long-standing commitment that includes among other
important regulations that there will be no termination of job contracts due to managerial
changes have raised doubts among  the menbers of the employees’ council that our
employer continues to value employees sufficiently.

The employees’ council starts its campaign at the employees’ meeting on April 24. We will present
our ideas regarding job safety, coordination of job and family requirements, improved working
conditions and leadership at MHH.  We will inform you about future steps in our campaign.